When she dances, oh she knows it's right.


It's definitely a good thing that I haven't had time to check in with any news as of late, because the main reason for that is I've had commissions coming out of all of my orifices!  Peep my Instagram for a whole damn bunch of cute pet portraits I've been working on lately. 

Other fun current projects include couple portraits, branding for talented friends and strangers, decorating a pair of Dr Martens, and seeing my dumb art shared all over social media by my tied-favorite band in the world, Say Anything - not once, but TWICE in a few months!

I've had a ton of requests for logo and branding work recently so I've added a new Branding gallery, along with a space for my Travel and Adventures, if you're interested in my photography!

I'm keeping busy, with tons of new project ideas on the horizon when/if I have any downtime from commissions, but as always, shoot over a request if you're interested in me creating something just for you.

Keep it real.


So everybody put your best suit or dress on.

If you haven't already noticed, I'm officially back, baby! My store is up and running and looking fly AF, and commissions are back in full swing.

On that note, Valentine's Day is approaching! I'll be heading off to Japan early Feb for the 6th(!?!) time, so  if you are planning on gifting one of my commissions to your girl/boy/bestie/doggo now is the time!

Email [email protected] or fill out my contact form & I'll shoot you my pricing & info sheet! Can't wait to draw your rosy lil' cheeks, probably!

The happiest New Year to you all!



In Oakland, in Oakland.



Oh, I love Target now!

I CAN BUY PEANUT BUTTER CAP'N CRUNCH! And I don't even have to pay $16 for it!

Mmmmmm deep dish pizza.

Mmmmmm Homeroom Mac & Cheese.

Mmmmmm tiny peeled baby carrots.

Every house is my dream house. 


Okay Jif Peanut Butter is way superior to Kraft. 

Everyone is super nice.

OMG Whole foods!


Train smells weird. Like weirder than regular weird train smell.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICAN PIGS?! Bacon is so weird here.

Whyyyy are egg yolks like butter yellow in colour?!?

Oh god dammit it's hard to find a house.





Take only what you need from it.

The store is now officially closed! Thanks so much for all the purchases and support over the past year - it's been mind blowing and I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one.

Until I'm settled and have the correct work authorizations in the US, I won't be selling any works, including commissions. It's a welcome break that I'll be spending creating plans, a whole bunch of new stock and shiny fun things!

Keep your eyes peeled on my social media for updates, I might just post some sneak peeks over the coming months!

In other news, our house is mostly empty! We've pretty much sold and given away everything we own except for some boxes of precious things. Despite the fact we're living on an air bed (sleeping, sitting, eating) this is how I'm feeling about it.


So much excitement!  See you soon, San Francisco!


California, knows how to party.


Devastatingly, my little perfect workspace is now all packed up, remaining only as blank white walls of sadness.

On the plus side, this is because I'm relocating from Blerth, Western Australia, to SAN FRANCISCO come the end of the year!

There will be a hiatus from December for a couple of months until I get all moved and set up, I'll keep you guys posted on what that means to orders when I figure it all out!


So fresh and so clean, clean.

While it hasn't particularly visible to the outside world, this last month has been a total game changer. I've been able to drop my full time day job to 4 days a week, allowing me an extra day each week to create. Although that doesn't sound like a whole lot, it's given me the capacity to work harder than ever before on my lifeblood; this silly art that I draw.

As you can see, I've finally found the time build this shiny new website. To celebrate it's launch, I created some new business cards, just as busy and colourful as you would expect. With the help of a new laptop and a new Wacom, I've whipped out more commissions, more quickly than I ever knew possible, and to top it off, dabbled in creating some brand new products. There will be more on that very soon, and hopefully a lot more of everything, from now on.

Have a look around, get to know me, drop me a line. Let's be friends.