I’m Em. I’m the owner and artist behind Em Somerville Illustration. 

Pleased to make your acquaintance.


I juggle illustrating with exploring, daydreaming about mountains, taking an overwhelming amount of photos, watching far too many hours of Gilmore Girls over and over again, and baking up a storm whenever I have a free moment. It helps that I don’t sleep.

I create this world from my beautiful wooden desk, in the Bay Area, California, where I surround myself with colorful art and toys to inspire me. My home is lined with plastic Dinosaurs, prints from my favourite artists, pretty photos, postcards from wonderful people and Back to the Future LEGO.

I have an odd sense of humour, a love for the cute, sparkly, creepy and weird. I'm a collector and a clutterer. I like to fill my home with intrigue and wonder. I believe flaws are what make people interesting. My art is imperfect - I have hands that shake and can’t draw a straight line to save my life - but it's different, it’s charming, and I appreciate that I can channel my true self into my work without fear of acceptance. That is the wonderful thing about art, your creativity is your own.

My creative process is not a complicated one. I jot down ideas on a near constant basis. My phone, laptop, and billions of notebooks are filled with lists of thoughts. I take photos of books, stationery, stickers, anything wonderful I come across throughout my day that may inspire an idea. I draw pen-to-paper, scan my sketches and then outline and colour using a Wacom tablet. The scratch of my digital pen goes perfectly with loud music and a cup of tea. I draw anything and everything I enjoy, which results in a mismatched, quirky collection of art. I love that someone can pick up a couple of nerdy prints for themselves, and grab art for their child’s nursery at the same time.

Really, I just like to draw in my underwear sometimes. I have an ever-evolving list of new ideas and new directions to take my art in, and I can’t wait to bring some of those ideas to life. My hope is simple - to create something that will add a little magic to your existence.


Lisa Currie's 'The Scribble Project' group exhibition at Melbourne’s City Library Gallery. June 2014.

Project Numbat group exhibition at Little Creatures Brewery, Perth. Jan-Feb 2015.


Featured in Issue #1 of Girl Glue zine by Mel Stringer.

Cut Out & Keep - Superhero Sunday. Feb 2014.

Featured in Hello May Bridal Magazine Issue #6 2014.

Hello May Bridal Magazine Blog Feature and competition.