So fresh and so clean, clean.

While it hasn't particularly visible to the outside world, this last month has been a total game changer. I've been able to drop my full time day job to 4 days a week, allowing me an extra day each week to create. Although that doesn't sound like a whole lot, it's given me the capacity to work harder than ever before on my lifeblood; this silly art that I draw.

As you can see, I've finally found the time build this shiny new website. To celebrate it's launch, I created some new business cards, just as busy and colourful as you would expect. With the help of a new laptop and a new Wacom, I've whipped out more commissions, more quickly than I ever knew possible, and to top it off, dabbled in creating some brand new products. There will be more on that very soon, and hopefully a lot more of everything, from now on.

Have a look around, get to know me, drop me a line. Let's be friends.